Time’s Horizons
I am old, shrunk, wizened and dry
and my horizons are wide.
I’m a crone, someone wise
who has lived, through a war.
and my horizons are far.
My spirit is steel, tempered by pain;
I know love and loss, pleasure, distress.
You think my horizons are less than yours
who yet live through
the trauma of youth, birth and growth;
and the first signs of the inkling
of age through the wrinkling,
the sagging of muscle and memory and flesh.
I am a crone.
My chronology frees me
to love being loved,
for my horizons are fresh.
Time’s Horizon  was written to recover the original meaning of the word  ‘crone’, now used pejoratively to convey a negative image of an old woman and comes from the Latin Chronos meaning  time.  In more enlightened societies elderly women are revered and frequently consulted as a sources of wisdom and knowledge.
 It was published in an anthology Living, Loving and Longing, A Women’s Miscellany  compiled by Pat Pinsent.

Canterbury Press 2007

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