Who I am.


I was born Mary Harrison  and married to Les Anstey for 33 years…………hence Haranstey!

This sums up who I am and have become…….wife, mother to four offspring, grandmother to six and now a great grandmother!  But Mary Harrison is still around.

I am  known as Mary Anstey ………variously actor, school teacher, GCSE  examiner English teacher to non English speakers, welfare rights worker, lab assistant, traveller, clerk, etc……..but all the time  a writer………

 I am now writing screenplays .


 Interests:  Literature, Radio, Theatre, Cinema, Television, Gardening, Politics

Passive Interests;  Sport, particularly Welsh Rugby Union, Tennis, Cricket……..in fact all competitive sports except Football…….

Priority:  To keep well and fit.  I belong to the Celtic Manor Forum Gym and have to work out regularly.  Writing is a very unhealthy occupation. It is essential to keep the legs moving.

I avoid taking  drugs, both prescription and over the counter and prefer to rely on holistic therapies, a healthy diet and positive outlook with an annual blood test on the NHS just to see if everything is working.  So far,  so good!

My favourite therapy is Qi Gong, a development of Tai Chi  wherein I can become aware of and work on my body energies and have taught the moves to others.

I use the Newport Clinic of Holistic Health   http://www.newportclinic.co.uk and have regular massage sessions with Dona Anys

I was brought up a Roman Catholic.  my earliest memory is of my father kneeling by my bed teaching me to pray. I have detached my self from much of what I was taught. I love the drama of a well presented Eucharistic liturgy. The Hebrew and Christian scriptures have been a tremendous influence together with the practice of meditation and prayer which I describe as the engine of my life.


I am a member of Catholic Women’s Ordination who campaign for an inclusive ordained ministry in the Catholic Church. www, catholic-womens-ordination.org.uk.









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