What happens next?

The screen play has been written………what next?   obviously get it made into a film.  The first thing is to get a director/ producer to read it.

What I have found so frustrating is that I am constantly being told ‘it’s a great story’ but nobody wants to read it.!!! let alone make it. Or even give me the courtesy of acknowledging having received it.  but then everyone is so busy…….

A contact said to me that the only way is through the back door. He even opened it for me! That was two months ago…..

blog film 35mm

The default position is ‘all screen plays are rubbish’.  Hundreds of badly written scripts are received every week and reading them all in the hope of finding a gem is a chore. Many are written with the mistaken idea that it is a fast route to riches and a celebrity status. Sure there are some great ideas out there. But ideas are not stories. As for riches?  Aspiring screen writers can spend thousands on fees for courses, competitions, readers ……, not to mention travel expenses and the purchase of high tech equipment.

red carpet

The Red Carpet isn’t guaranteed.!

That said, the  film and television is a huge industry. New markets are opening up all over the world. Look at the credits, the names of; Chinese, Indian, Australian and many other production companies are embedded in the small print. The opportunities for anyone starting out in the industry are enormous.

But I’m at the other end. Time is short. So why do I do it? Because I have to. Writing is in my genes. There are several novelists in my genealogy. But why film?  To be honest because I am impatient. I see stories in images and find it impossible to do justice to what I see in literary constructs of word imagery, metaphor, simile, etc. I love brevity which is why I like to write poetry especially in tight poetic form like the sonnet. Writing for film is similar. The written word has to be used economically to convey images and  characters just sufficiently to give the good director a hint, a nuance, a stimulus for creativity,  and an actor the opportunity to act.   An idea has to be incarnated into a structured story which can grab an audience. To do this well can take years of research and disciplined hard work.

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